Friday, 18 September 2009

Three lenses of a Christian worldview

Michael Goheen spoke on Hope 103.2 Open House recently about how we can evaluate the modern world based on a Christian worldview. He claimed that three principles characterise the Christian worldview:
  1. The world was created good by God
  2. The world is fallen
  3. God is redeeming the world
We can turn these into three questions when evaluating anything: sport, business, technology, politics etc
  1. What good can we see in it?
  2. In what ways has the original goodness been twisted?
  3. What is God doing (and what can we do) to redeem it and/or to restore the original goodness?
I should certainly weave those ideas into my analysis of technology.

It's worth looking out for his book "Living at the crossroads: an introduction to the Christian worldview".

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